[ic] DifferentSecure Problem / Question

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Nov 24 01:22:22 EST 2003

Quoting Shawn Mathews (shawn at stuckinrealtime.us):
> I'm running interchange on multiple servers with a single server working
> as the secure url.
> i.e.
>      www.liquidrx.com/store.pl   and ww2.liquidrx.com/store.pl
> with the secure url being under a totally different domain.
>      www.eyefiveinc.com/liquidxrx
> (I know this is a funky setup, but until we are assigned additional IP's
> this is what I have to work with).
> My problem is the DifferentSecure setting in catalog.cfg. I assume it's
> suppose to allow you to do what I have above, unfortunately whenever I
> try it, interchange changes my secure url to either
> https://www.liquidrx.com/store.pl or https://ww2.liquidrx.com/store.pl
> I rooted around a bit in my catalog structure files and the module files
> for interchange and found a few things....
> #1) DifferentSecure is defined as a boolean in Config.pm.
> #2) There is no check to see if you have different secure defined in
> Dispatch.pm when it replaces the scriptname based on CGI scriptname passed.
> Is this how DifferentSecure is suppose to be?

Actually it is supposed to be gone -- it is not used anywhere. I think
Racke made some changes that were supposed to negate the need for

Also, we don't really support differing secure/non-secure URLs. If
you do it, it is best to make all ordering operations point to the
secure server. You are playing Russian roulette if you order to
the basket on the non-secure and try to check out on the secure.

This should all be well-covered in my monthly Secure FAQ posting.

> If I change the type to yesno and make the default no in Config.pm and
> add a check before $Vend::Cfg->{SecureUrl} is replaced it works like I
> think it's suppose to .
> Somebody please correct me if I'm totally offbase on this. If I'm not
> I'll post the changes.

Please do -- I haven't looked at this area recently, as it seems to
have disappeared as an issue.

I *assume* you are using 4.9.x, otherwise I have just wasted this
time. 8-)

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