[ic] Where are Mail_List headings stored?

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Sun Oct 5 15:28:59 EDT 2003

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> > Simple question but I can't find it !
> >
> > My account.html page displays the Mail_List column from userdb, it
> > currently has four mailing options such as "Special Offers",
> "Upgrades"
> > etc. Where are these options stored as I want to remove all of them
> > except "Special Offers".
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Andy.
> >
> >
>     The values you're referring to are stored in the userdb table or
> userdb.txt for non
> DB implementations. It is simply those text strings in that
> that can
> be compared to or retrieved for whatever. The predefined string values
> such
> as
> newsletter are stored in products/mv_metadata.asc which can be
> via the admin UI   tables->mv_metadata  userdb::mail_list
> Jon
> _______________________________________________
> Jon,
>         Thanks for your reply, could you please elaborate a little for
> me. I cannot see the file mv_metadata.asc and I cannot see how to edit
> the table from the Admin UI.
> When using Admin I have headings such as Orders, Customers, Items,
> Content, Design, Merchandising, Reports and Administration. I do not
> tables under any of these?
> Unfortunately interchange is supplied by my ISP as a service so it is
> not my installation on the server, it is my ISPs installation that I
> trying to sort out.

     Andy please bottom post as it makes following questions/answers
easier when looking in the archives.

    You didn't say which version of IC you're using so I'll guess/assume
Look around for a link 'Tables'   Should be in the top of the page.
scroll down
to the bottom and you should see the mv_metadata link. Second page from
you should see the userdb::mail_list


Hi Jon,

I don't know what version of IC it is, it is my ISPs install so I have
no idea what they have put on their server.

I cannot find any link to 'tables', at the top of the admin page I only
have the headings listed in my post above.

Any other ideas?


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