[ic] Component Tags

Stephan Becker harlekin.simplex at web.de
Sun Oct 5 20:33:38 EDT 2003

Hi Guys ?n  Girls,

still under heavy duty with components I found the following:

ui_component: category_vert_toggle
ui_component_type: vertical
ui_component_group: Navigation
ui_component_label: Category list vertical collapsable [SideBlock]


ui_name: category_horizontal
ui_type: component
ui_class: horizontal
ui_group: navigation
ui_label: Category list horizontal [CenterBlock]

{btw: I changed the original labels}

I think the one is the substitution for the other style of telling UI what?s
that component all about.
Which way is the one to choose ?

Using ui_component* or using ui_* ?
The latter sound?s a bit more sophisticated; ?cause it allows for other ui
plug in?s then only components ;)

Maybe this artwork is IC?s approach to TMTOWTDI <g>.


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