[ic] Passing values page linked from flypage.html

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon Oct 6 09:59:22 EDT 2003

Adrian P Wilkinson <junk at puffin.org> wrote:
> I'm looking to be able to able to pass a product sku as a value when
> calling another page (in this case 'askaquestion.html') from the
> flypage.  The idea is that when a user finds a product they like they
> can "Ask A Question" by clicking on the link of the same name.  This
> is achieved thusly: 
>      <a href="[area askaquestion]">Ask A Question</a>
> When I need to be able to do is pass "[item-field sku]" as a
> parameter to 'askaquestion' and then be able to read that value from
> 'askaquestion'. I've already tried: 
>      <a href="[area askaquestion]?[item-field sku]">Ask A Question</a>

There is alot of this in the archives:

<a href="[area href='askaquestion' arg='[item-field sku]']">Ask A Question</a>

... subsequent page can use [cgi mv_arg]

<a href="[area href='askaquestion' form='
		sku=[item-field sku]
	']">Ask A Question</a>

... subsequent page can use [cgi sku] and [cgi foo]

This is also covered in the docs


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