[ic] RE: Hello and category problems

Nathan T. Champley nathan at resultscomm.com
Tue Oct 7 16:44:51 EDT 2003


I have been recently been given a task of recreating a printed catalog as an
interchange site.  The customer wants simple searches to bring up the pages
of his catalog.  About half way through the catalog I've discovered that
some items are listed on more than one page.  Is there a simple way to get
the items to list under a search heading.

Here is the sort of set up I have.

Featured Products (category)
SKU 001
SKU 002
SKU 003
SKU 004
SKU 005

Wall Sconces (category)
SKU 010
SKU 011
SKU 012
SKU 013

But when I do a search for Wall Sconces I need to have SKU 003 come up as

Is there a way to set an item to multiple categories?

Nathan Champley

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