[ic] Is an order E-Mail Receipt available as a CSV file?

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Wed Oct 8 21:27:22 EDT 2003

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> Hello List Members,
> Someone places an order on our Interchange Shopping Cart.  The order goes
> through, and the customer is E-mailed an acknowledgement of the
> transaction.
> Is there a file on the server where the information contained in the
> transaction acknowledgement E-mail is stored?  I looked at
> transactions.txt, but that wasn't the one I am looking for.
> Thanks,
> Michael G.
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Look in etc/mail_receipt, the text showed in the browser is the
receipt.html file in the same dir.


Hello Jurgen,
Thank you for the reply.  I looked at the etc/mail_receipt.  It appears to
be the "container" which is ready to accept the information after the user
clicks "submit", but not the file which actually stores the information
entered after the user clicks on "submit".  In other words, the file
etc/mail_receipt is the "empty" form.  I'm hoping to find a file which can
be downloaded which has the "completed form" information stored.  However,
I'm happy to find the files you referred to, so that I can make some design
Best wishes,
Michael G.

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