[ic] Perl Threading

Steve icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Oct 14 14:36:43 EDT 2003

> Quoting cfm at maine.com (cfm at maine.com):
> > > I suppose someone needs to isolate which module has threading problems
> > > so that work can be done to resolve this.  I think the firm insistence
> > > that IC not be used with a threaded perl is unrealistic for the long
> > > term.  Forcing shop keepers to recompile their own perl or replace it
> > > with third-party binaries isn't a good solution.  Eventually IC needs
> > > to work with the "out of the box" perl shipped with the leading
> > > distributions.
> >
> > Yes, for my money it is easier to hack minivend/IC than to muck with
> > the distribution.  If I wanted a separate perl, I'd be running slackware
> > not debian.  Unless one runs separate production, staging and dev boxes
> > compiling ones own perl is unrealistic.  We used to compile our own
> > perl and every upgrade was scary.
> This would be a nice goal if the distribution perl was anywhere near
> reasonable.
> Unfortunately, the distribution Red Hat ships is NOT reasonable. The
> perl they shipped with Red Hat Linux 9 was a 5.8.0 with random patches
> from the maintenance tree. This is simply unacceptable to me; it puts
> them in the business of shipping a new version of Perl, untested except
> for their very small usage of it.
> I would be happy to try and work toward a target of the current release
> Perl 5.8.1. I will not spend 10 minutes to try and support randomly-
> patched Perls.
> --
> Mike Heins

The main reason for asking this question is the setup of a new server for IC

I would like to move from our existing RH 7.3 to the newer RH 9.x, but do
not want a bunch of special conditions to make the change - not to mention
the upgrade from IC 4.8.5 to 4.9.x - the fewer special conditions is better
for me down to road.

I thought about switching to the latest Slackware, but would prefer not to,
since I know where most of the Redhat config files are located, not to
mention RHN updates & upgrades is a feature we like.

Hopefully, Redhat will upgrade Perl to 5.8.1 in the next release, and if
that is the target platform - it might be in my interest to wait a while
longer, and keep my fingers crossed that threading issues are resolved.

Thanks for the insight.

Steve Graham

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