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Sam Batschelet batschelet at exactasphere.com
Wed Oct 15 23:43:58 EDT 2003

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Bryan Wrote
> I'm going to be starting fresh on a server that will mainly be for
> Interchang and am thinking of using RedHat Enterprise Linux ES Basic.  Is
> it worth the  extra $ over RedHat Linux 9?  Does it have the 'broken'
> threaded perl like RH Linux 9 or is it more stable?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
Hi Bryan,

  Just a few things to get strait before you make your decision on the OS
that you will use,  be it Red Hat or an other.  The current problems with
Interchange and RH 9.0 have nothing to do with the stability of the OS.  RH
9.0 from my experience has been very stable on all fronts and I have always
had good experiences (for the most part) with Red Hat distros.  Now you may
hear others speak of other Linux flavors and they all have there plus's and

  In this particular case Red Hat decided to release its 9.0 version with
the new version of perl-5.8.0-88 which was pre-compiled with threads
enabled.  This can easily be overcome by recompiling your perl with threads
disabled search around the perl boards on how to do this but its not a real
tough problem to overcome.  So to answer your question, the distributed perl
in RH 9.0  is not broken its just not compatible with Interchange as is.  If
I was to guess Enterprise Linux ES Basic may have the same issue and I see
no need to go that route unless its out of other issues than compatibility
and stability.  And in regards to money you can download the redhat 9.0
iso's directly from their website for free.  Although the box kits do offer
nice reference manuals which you may find easier to read than online html
files and pdf's.  Hope this information clears up a few questions you may

-Sam Batschelet
Systems Engineer
ExactaSphere Inc

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