[ic] Advice needed for IC/eBay API integration

Nicholas Cook ncook at intropolis.com
Fri Oct 17 18:12:48 EDT 2003

Grant wrote:

>I'm now very close to being finished with the IC/eBay API integration.
>eBay's developer testing site was broken for about 10 days or so, but it
>started working again a couple days ago and I should be done very soon.  The
>integration will consist of something like this:
>- 5 UserTags
>- 7 jobs files
>- 7 jobs directives
>- 1 new page
>- 1 new variable table entry
>- new fields in transactions and inventory tables
>- new ebay table
>- log_transaction modifications
>It will be going up at Kevin Walsh's site ( www.interchange.rtfm.info )
>along with detailed info on how it all works and how to use it.  Of course,
>I will post here when I have it up.
>So I guess that was an update.
>Anyway, I'm facing an important decision in the design of the whole thing,
>and I'd really appreciate some advice on it.  Basically, I could change
>around the way it works and make it quite a bit cleaner and more extensible,
>but it would require adding every item listed on eBay as an entry in the new
>ebay table.  That could really get to be a lot of entries that aren't being
>used for anything unless the item ends up being sold.  Should I:
>a) not write every listed item as an entry in the ebay table and sacrifice
>some cleanliness and extensibility
>b) write every listed item as an entry in the ebay table, but delete each
>record that isn't needed after the listing has ended
>c) write every listed item as an entry in the ebay table and not worry about
>the bloated database
>I'm leaning toward b.  If you agree, how can a record be deleted from a
>table without going through the UI?
>- Grant
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Could you not have a cron entry that calls a script/sql command to take 
care of making everything clean?  That way, if somebody wants to keep 
everything, they just don't run the script.  Other people that want the 
database cleaned up, would be able to schedule it for whenever the 
server has a light load on it.

Nicholas Cook

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