[ic] Sales tax not adjusted properly

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Sun Oct 19 13:12:25 EDT 2003

>> Using IC 4.8.7 RPM
>> I have the following in my variable.txt:
>> TAXRATE VT=6.0  Tax
>> TAXAREA VT      Tax
>> I recently changed this variable from 5.0 to 6.0 when our sales tax
>> went up.  When on the checkout page, I get a JavaScript pop-up saying
>> I'll be charged the equivalent of 6% of my purchase in sales tax.  But
>> when I recalculate, it figures 5% of the total, not 6%.  I do not see
>> any hardcoded ".05" or "5.0" references in the checkout page itself,
>> just calls to [fly-tax] (in the JavaScript validation block, which
>> seems to work) and [salestax] (which appears to be calculating 5%).
>> I changed this on two of my sites via the Admin interface.  It worked
>> fine on one, but I have this problem on the other.
>> Any advice on what I should look for (and where I should look) would 
>> be
>> greatly appreciated.
> I know its an obvious one, but you did hit Apply Changes didn't you?
> Jonathan

Yeah, unfortunately, even after forgetting to Apply Changes the first 
time around, I had not only done that, but also rebooted the server, 
before realizing tax is not being calculated correctly.  Still no go.  


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