[ic] Sales tax not adjusted properly

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sun Oct 19 13:56:43 EDT 2003

Quoting Interchange User (interchange at framework.cx):
> >>Using IC 4.8.7 RPM
> >>
> >>I have the following in my variable.txt:
> >>
> >>TAXRATE VT=6.0  Tax
> >>TAXAREA VT      Tax
> >>
> >>I recently changed this variable from 5.0 to 6.0 when our sales tax
> >>went up.  When on the checkout page, I get a JavaScript pop-up saying
> >>I'll be charged the equivalent of 6% of my purchase in sales tax.  But
> >>when I recalculate, it figures 5% of the total, not 6%.  I do not see
> >>any hardcoded ".05" or "5.0" references in the checkout page itself,
> >>just calls to [fly-tax] (in the JavaScript validation block, which
> >>seems to work) and [salestax] (which appears to be calculating 5%).
> >>
> >>I changed this on two of my sites via the Admin interface.  It worked
> >>fine on one, but I have this problem on the other.
> >>
> >>Any advice on what I should look for (and where I should look) would 
> >>be
> >>greatly appreciated.
> >
> >I know its an obvious one, but you did hit Apply Changes didn't you?
> >
> >Jonathan
> Yeah, unfortunately, even after forgetting to Apply Changes the first 
> time around, I had not only done that, but also rebooted the server, 
> before realizing tax is not being calculated correctly.  Still no go.  

[fly-tax] is how the popup tax is being calculated, for sure. That
uses those variable settings.

But what is the real setting in salestax.asc? The above will pertain
only if you see "default [fly-tax]" and nothing more there. If you
see "VT 0.05" then you have found your problem.

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