[ic] Sales Tax on Shipping

jack duh jack_duh at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 11:51:33 EDT 2003

Hi All

I must have something in my eyes because I swear I
have done this before.

Anyways here goes

Interchange Version 4.8.7

OS RedHat 7.4 with the kernel upgraded

Trying to calculate sales tax on shipping for only NY

In catalog.cfg
SalesTax        zip Tax
TaxShipping    __TAXSHIPPING__
SeparateItems   Yes

in salestax.asc
default [fly-tax]
78619 0.0625000
00501 0.0850000

and in variable.txt

TAXSHIPPING             NY        Tax

What I want to happen is if the state is NY to
calculate the tax of the subtotal and shipping or else
just calculate the tax off the subtotal. But this
configuration calculates the tax for shipping and
subtotal regardless of the state. Did I miss



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