[ic] Missing Order Information

Dorothy Puma dorothy at digilink.net
Tue Oct 21 21:19:57 EDT 2003

> Thank you for the response Dorothy.
> When checking transactions in the Admin UI, I see the following fields
> displayed:
> code store_id
> order_number
> session
> username
> shipmode
> nitems
> subtotal
> shipping
> handling
> salestax
> total_cost
> fname
> lname
> company
> address1
> address2
> city
> state
> zip
> country
> phone_day
>  phone_night
> fax
> email
> Plus about a dozen more.
> When checking orderline in the Admin UI, I see the following fields
> displayed:
> code
> sku
> description
> price
> quantity
> subtotal
> But no username.  Is getting the username "cross referenced" between these
> two tables just a simple matter of going to the "Orderline" table in the
> Admin UI, then >Select for table edit: orderline >Spreadsheet page >Fields
> for textarea display >then add a checkmark to the form checkbox for
> "username"?
> As I see at "Fields for textarea display", they are all blank.
> Most gratefully,
> Michael G.

Hi Michael,

Yes, the reason you don't see the username field in the spreadsheet or 
display of the table, is because that field is not selected for display. 
  So, by going and editing that table and adding username for display 
you'll be able to view that field.  You can also click on the order 
number in the table view, and you'll be able to see the entire record.

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