[ic] Content Editor Publish Removes Page

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Wed Oct 22 01:31:06 EDT 2003

Hello list members,
This is a first for me after creating dozens of new pages for various
Interchange Catalogs.  Interchange version  4.9.3, Perl 5.8.0, RedHat8.0.

When editing an html page in the UI "Content Edit" section, as usual I click
the "OK" button at the bottom of the editor, then I click on the "Publish"
button near the Template Selector.  Then, although I've found this not
always necessary, I "Apply Changes".

Afterward, instead of getting the edited page, I receive this message:
content_modify: op publish failed for page contact.html.

When I return to the Editor for the page in question, the Template Selector
now shows "No Template", and the edited "CONTENT" is completely wiped out.

As I said, this is a first.  I'm afraid to edit any pages now, and have one
sitting "In process" which I don't want to touch because I know I'll lose

Using the editor has never been a problem until now.

Thanks for any suggestions,
Michael G.

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