[ic] IC Jobs question

Grant listbox at email.com
Wed Oct 22 13:23:58 EDT 2003

A while back (through the list) I got the following instructions for using
IC Jobs:

#Put the following lines in catalog.cfg:
Jobs base_directory etc
Jobs log logs/cron.log
Jobs email listbox at email.com (if you want any output from the cronjob be
sent to you by email)

Create a directory in the catalog directory: etc/mycronjobs
and put a file or files containing valid ITL in it.

As root:
su -f -c '/usr/local/interchange-4.9.8/bin/interchange
--runjobs=found498=mycronjobs' interch

As interchange user:
/usr/local/interchange-4.9.8/bin/interchange --runjobs=found498=mycronjobs

Now I'm ready to implement this with a bunch of files for the eBay/IC
functionality I'm working on, and I don't see how to specify how often you
want each of the files executed.  Could someone please give me some guidance
on this?

- Grant

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