[ic] Extra images fields in Product database

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Fri Oct 24 13:26:23 EDT 2003

I have a products table that I have added some extra image fields to.

The mv_metadata code for the new image fields is the same code being used on
the products::Image field (I am placing the extra images inside the items
directory as well - These are just extra product views). There are 3 images
fields that have been added to the record.

When a record is created everything works as intended; Even if all of the
extra images are not added.

The problem arises when an item is edited (any edit - not edits specific to
the images). The images will change position and "move up a slot" if the
image field before them was blank.

For example:

Image 1: picture1.jpg
Image 2: <blank>
Image 3: picture3.jpg

After editing the item (i.e. small text change in the Item Description):

Image 1: picture1.jpg
Image 2: picture3.jpg
Image 3: <blank>

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? I am sure it is
something I have overlooked so any advice is appreciated.


Gary Norton
broadGap Technologies

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