[ic] "==" and "!=" as DB field values

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Tue Oct 28 09:37:08 EST 2003

Stefan Hornburg <racke at linuxia.de> writes:

> $Db{products}->query("select * from products where name = '$CGI->{foo}'");
> => that's unsafe IMHO

Just to clarify, if

   $GCI->{foo} = "'; delete from products;'"

Then there could be problems.  In this case, you should escape any
single quotes in $CGI->{foo}.

# racke says my perl is "rusty", so take this with a few grains of sandpaper
my $foo = $Tag->filter('sql', $CGI->{foo});
my $ref = $Db{products}->query("select * from products where name = '$foo'");

The moral of the story is that it's very, very rare when anything the
user inputs is valid.  Almost always there are a certain set of
characters that are invalid.  Try to think about this and escape these
characters or manage those cases.  Thank the IC core team for the
filter tag and it's flexibility.
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