[ic] Results Grid with Category

Paul Wade paul at apunix.com
Tue Oct 28 11:51:03 EST 2003

I'm fairly new to interchange, so please bear with any ignorance I may display. 

I'm customizing the results_grid component to add a category at the top.  My 
products needed to be listed in multiple categories, so I followed the 
recommendation provided elsewhere on this list and created a separate lookup 
table with the following columns:

id - unique id

I've successfully made the results page show products based on the sku found 
looking up the category in this table.  I've also removed all category 
information from the products table.

The problem I'm having is adding the category to the results page.  I've tried 
variations (using various item-field/item-data tags) on the following, which I 
also found on this list:

    [item-change 99][condition][item-data mycat_table cat][/condition]
      [data table="cat" column="name" key="[item-data mycat_table cat]"] 
    [/item-change 99]
	Existing [item-sub show products] code in results_grid

..with absolutely no change in the displayed information whatsoever.  Even 
removing all the tags and just putting text seems to have no effect.  At the 
beginning of trying to accomplish this, I was able to get the category to 
display for every product on the page, but I can't remember now how I 
accomplished that, and regardless, it's not the desired result anyway.

I will NEVER have a results page that shows more than one category, so I'm 
almost at the point that I will create a separate page for each category, but 
that seems rather limiting and not very elegant.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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