[ic] More info on strange font error

Anthony Minero anthony at urbanscooters.com
Wed Oct 29 08:35:20 EST 2003

>> I'm using a custom module for LinkPoint. But I'm using html in my options.
>> So if I didn't use any html in the options that would solve the problem?
> Without knowing anything about the LinkPoint payment protocol, that
> would be by best guess, yes.

I found a way to change the color within the table that the options pulls
up, pretty basic but I thought I'd share since it wasn't brought up.

 [table-organize cols=2 table=' ' font="size=1" font="color=#ffffff"
 [item-options td=1 label=1 bold=1 price=1]

I just added "font="color=#ffffff"" within the option table. Now I just need
to figure out how to add a link to some of the option text.

Anthony Minero

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