[ic] Checkout page problem (intermittent)

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Thu Sep 4 21:43:07 EDT 2003

On Thu, 04 Sep 2003 14:40:35 -0400, Jim Ratte wrote:

>>First off, running IC 4.9.6, Perl 5.8.0
>> The past couple of weeks we have been getting occasional calls about our
>> checkout page not working correctly. The page loads (standard IC checkout
>> page), however at the bottom of the page there is no input box for credit
>> card info, or a submit button displayed.
>> The logs don't show anything abnormal. Speaking with those who have called
>> their orders in, their doesn't seem to be any correlation in everyone
>> problems regarding browser type, operating system, etc. I cannot replicate
>> the problem either, and have placed test orders on computers that have
>> been to my website before. Anyone run into this scenario? Looked through
>> archives but did not see any related types of problems. Jim
>Quoting Jamie Neil:
>"I've seen something like this with Mozilla (which I use most of the
>time), but not with IE. If you check out the demo on icdevgroup, I think
>the bug is still there...."
>Thanks for your reply. So far we have had two call in orders this week with
>this problem. One was Windows 2000, IE6. Today's was using Win 98, IE5.5
>I have one piece of script on the checkout that pops a box and asks the
>customer to 'wait for the page refresh' after typing in their zip code.
>However, that's been on the site this it went live about 3 months ago now.

I've also seen this a lot in Mozilla, and it seems to be connected to a lazy
reply to IC's query on the type of browser being used (so it may also be
related to network latency). One solution is to remove the query - in the
checkout page force the choice of *browser_payment to 
old_browser_payment, and then inside payment_select remove the 
javascript between the [if !scratch old_browser] and [/if].

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