[ic] Donation: FedEx Ship Manager tag

Chris Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Thu Sep 4 21:01:53 EDT 2003

On Thursday 04 September 2003 19:38, Grant wrote:
> That's an awesome contribution.  I use FedEx and would like to switch to
> using your tag instead of importing to QuickShip.  I'm adding USPS
> shipping, and I looked through the archives for mention of a similar tag
> for USPS.  I found some discussion of the possibility of integration with
> the USPS WebTools API, but that discussion ended almost exactly 11 months
> ago.  Does anyone know of any such tag that might have been developed
> since?

 Do you have any pointers to the documentation for this? 

 My next project, shipping-wise, will be to have a crack at the UPS tools. I'd 
looked at it a while back, but I think UPS wanted you to ship 50 packages a 
day before they let you have access to the tools and the documentation, but I 
have a client who does that kind of volume now, and was going to use him to 
get my foot in the door.

 But I need to finish the FedEx tags first, though. International shipping is 
a real pain to get right because of all the customs & duties requirements.


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