[ic] Usertrack

Terral Artis tartis at cellularmountain.com
Wed Sep 17 12:12:32 EDT 2003

>>Is anyone downloading this file and using the data contained in the 
>>usertrack?  I want to view this information, but I do not have 
>>permissions to ftp the file to my local PC.  It seems like there should 
>>be valuable data in this file.
>UserTrack is used by the Reports area of the Admin in interchange 4.8.x. 
>In 4.9 the Reports appear to have been disabled, though I imagine the 
>capability is still there.
>UserTrack was/is used to provide basic stats on catalog visits and page 
>views, cart loads and orders placed. If you have a broadband connection, 
>you should be able to use the File Download tool in Interchange to grab a 
>copy via http and take a look. Like most things in interchange, it's a 
>demo of what can be done; most of my clients who have specific reporting 
>needs have heavily modified this function, or replaced it altogether.
>- Ed

I can't seem to find the File Download Tool.  I have 4.8.6.  Am I missing 
something?  Is there a place to find out how to use the custom reports in 



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