[ic] Price caching problem

Lars Tode tode at bpanet.de
Mon Sep 22 11:01:28 EDT 2003

Hello together,

in one of our shops we've a problem what seems like price caching.

If you visit the shop as customer an watch an item-price, than logged in as
trader/dealer (prices of customer and trader are not the same) and view that
same item again, and do this (login => watch the price, logout => watch the
price) many times in one session, the trader suddendly see the prices of the

My first idea was that the CommonAdjust rule was not correct, because in the
trader profile the main CommonAdjust will be overlayed. So I thought that
the rule won't be overlayed. But a look in the IC-variables, make clear that
this was not the reason for that problem because the right CommonAdjust was
The second idea I'd was, that after so many responses the ic-client had
began to cache the price, so that it had not to make many sql-connections.
But this are only ideas.

So if I'm right and it's the cache of the ic-client, how can I clear it so
that IC take the prices from the database?

If anyone of you have had the same problem, how did you fix it?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings and regards,


Excuse me, for my poor english :(

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