[ic] Just fixed a nasty one

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Tue Sep 23 14:49:22 EDT 2003

> I just got finished tracking down and fixing a problem with my
> site that was
> causing all sorts of strange behavior based on the "splitting" of
> the header
> line of the products.txt file into something like 10 lines instead of 1.
> The only thing I've done with the products.txt header line in
> recent memory
> is adding a couple fields to it this morning, about the same time
> I noticed
> the problem with the site.  Does anyone know of anything that could cause
> something like that?
> I noticed the exact same thing with another file a little while ago and
> since it was the first time and I had never heard of anything like that
> before I dropped it.  I think the insertion points of the breaks *might*
> correspond to the window size of the SSH client (Putty) I was using at the
> time of the file editing.  Any ideas?

I think that the problem is in a field that contains carriage-return. This
usually messes up the .txt files. One other thing could be that your editor
(if you used pico) had line wrapping on. This messes up files with long
lines. To disable wrapping you should run  "pico -w filename.txt" to avoid
these problems. If you use vi, then I guess you wont have these kind of


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