[ic] HTML in XML

Grant listbox at email.com
Fri Sep 26 14:41:39 EDT 2003

> Grant [listbox at email.com] wrote:
> > I'm still working on the IC/eBay integration (it's only a
> matter of time),
> > and I want to be able to use HTML in an item's description.  That means
> > the HTML will be passed to eBay via XML.  The eBay docs say:
> >
> > ###
> > The Description input argument may optionally be submitted
> using CDATA if
> > you want to use HTML or XML-reserved characters in the description. You
> > cannot embed JavaScript in an item description. Example of CDATA use:
> >
> > <Description><![CDATA[<b>Brand new</b> toy truck]]></Description> ###
> >
> > When I set up my Description XML tag it looks like this:
> >
> > ###
> > <Description><![CDATA[[scratch description]]]></Description> ###
> >
> > and eBay gets [scratch description] as the description.  This is all
> > happening on a test page, and all kinds of other stuff is parsing jus
> > fine. Does anyone have any bright ideas that will allow passing HTML in
> > an XML request like this as well as allow IC tags to be included for
> > parsing?
> >
> Your question has nothing to do with passing HTML in an XML request;
> It has to do with the interpolation of Interchange tags.  The method
> you're using is clearly not set up to perform this interpolation, so
> the Interchange tags are being passed intact.

You're right, but what threw me was the fact that all kinds of other IC tags
are being parsed on the same line as the one that didn't parse.  Looking at
it now, it must have something to do with all the brackets involved?  I'm
moving it into a UserTag and plan on doing something along these lines:


as soon as I figure out the right syntax.

- Grant

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