[ic] Verisign -- please vote with your feet!

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> Hi
> We currently have a merchant account with Bank America as a bricks & 
> mortar store, who would you recommend, for a payment gateway & ssl 
> certificate? We are in the very early stages of setting up 
> interchange.
> Thank You
> Scott Martin

Take a look at the MCVE module for payment. It's run via hotconnect.net.
They can connect you to almost any merchant account on the planet (Global,
Payment tech, Vital, Nova, First Tenn, etc). Gives you the advantage to get
a better price (yes, Authorized.net is Global, but if you fight for your
own rates, your gonna get better ones, AND you can go to most banks, get
your merchant account and use this as a gateway). Hotconnect with the MCVE 
module acts as the gateway.

And, you can use Hotconnect as a point of sales (via internet) for any
system with a browser and/or Palm with wireless internet. You can have sub
accounts for free under your main account (and, very important, control who
can give a refund!). Great to put Interchange under its own, then have the
clients workers under their own (shows who's selling...hehe).


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