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Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Mon Apr 5 13:06:55 EDT 2004

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> Going through the setup and installion of a dedicated box for an
> interchange
> store.  We're looking at Redhat 9 or Enterprise V3 (apparently the
> building the box isnt charging for EV3 installs).  The other choices
> Fedora and FreeBSD.  Any suggestions

Is your host not charging for the yearly licensing fee for RHEL 3?  If
they are not I'd probably go this route.  Its 5 years of guaranteed
errata updates.  We are not running IC on RHEL yet, but IC has always
ran fine on RH 7-9 in our experiences.

> Other questions (This is a 3.0Ghz Intel box w/HT).  What packages and
> other
> things should I have installed on the box.  Apache2, DNS, MySQL, SSH,
> all
> devel packages, do I want to install Perl via package or do it myself.
> Any
> gotchas with Perl and HyperThreading.

I would stick with apache 1 and install mod_interchange.  It reduces the
url clutter without redirects.  You shouldn't have a need for DNS (bind)
if your host provides it's own DNS servers which I'd recommend looking
into.  You shouldn't need all the devel packages, unless you plan to
build apps that depend on other apps.

Also install a local install of perl from source and make sure it's non

> Looking for suggestions.
> thanks
> dan

Good luck!

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