[ic] Assistance Requested mv_order_group And 'mv_mi' => undef

interchange at ericsmall.com interchange at ericsmall.com
Tue Apr 6 14:18:49 EDT 2004

Quoting Mike Heins
> You need to have an order group setting for each item -- that allows
> you to create more than one order group per form.

Thanks, that worked perfectly.  As a note the example given in the 
documentation uses a single mv_order_group tag to group two items.

I noticed that the default cart doesn't really do anything special with product 
groups.  I don't want shoppers to changes the quantities of sub items.  To that 
end I've managed to change the cart component behavior, disabling the quantity 
input boxes for sub items.  However, if the quantity of the group master is 
changed the quantities of the sub items remains the same.  Where would I look 
to change that behavior?  I would like to make the cart increase the quantities 
in relation to the quantity of the group master item.

I'm might not be taking the correct approach here so I'll elaborate on what I'm 
hoping to achieve.  I'm planning to use Interchange to let a shopper build an 
item out of other items.  There are six distinct sub item components which go 
into making the master item.  What I've done so far is to make the necessary 
logic and pages that allows the shopper to search for and select the different 
components and am now at the point where I need to load those components into 
the cart grouped as a final assembly.  My thought is to use a fly-item as the 
master group item then put the actual components as sub items.  Would that be 
an effective way to handle this task, or is there a better methodology to use 
with Interchange?

I was also thinking of using product variants, but there would be so many 
potential variant possibilities that it seems foolish to take that approach.

Also, I must apologize for my prior post.  I did not realize that my lines 
would not wrap, hopefully this mail reader (Pegasus) works better.

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