[ic] Trouble with coordinated search to test for inactive

Grant emailgrant123b at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 12:20:18 EDT 2004

> > There is nothing wrong with custom searches. It is
> just important
> > to know the downsides and counterpoints.
> I'm seeing this more and more as I work with my
> custom query page.  I'd
> really like to use the built in search, but there is
> no reason apparent
> to me why these searches are not working.
> -Ron

I'm trying to make sure I understand IC and searches. 
By "custom searches" do you mean searches using the
SQL IC tags, and by "built in search" do you mean the
loop functionality?  I've only used the loops for
searches, but I was under the immpression that that's
what you do until you learn the SQL tags.  Maybe
that's not right?

Maybe the pros and cons break down like:

SQL searches: more powerful, faster
loop searches: safer


- Grant

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