[ic] Menus in v5 slow

Andrew Rich andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au
Thu Apr 8 18:22:26 EDT 2004

Hi All

I have IC 4.89 and 5.01, RH7.3 MYSQL

I have been trying to find an efficient way of moving my primary IC site
from 4.8x to 5.0x but am struggling.

This site has almost 4000 items which is not large by some standards.

I basically want to makecat a new site and transfer old database over and
then copy and paste content and fix any code changes.

When I am talking about menu I am referring to Vertical List on left of web
page in standard site.

But I have found the menu in v5 menu slow to auto create (5 minutes) and the
result too big and slow for the site.
This is obviously slow as it is 4000 lines long.
I could probably manually create a menu but I am not keen to spend the time
if the menu is still going to be slow.

I have v5.0x working on site with only 30 products and is quite fast.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Andrew Rich
icdevgroup @ mapsdownunder.com.au

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