[ic] Mod_Interchange and images - with catalog at root

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Mon Apr 12 15:38:57 EDT 2004

Ron Phipps [rphipps at reliant-solutions.com] wrote:
>> In the latest mod_interchange there is a directive called
>> 'OrdinaryFileList'.  You place it inside the <Location> directive with a
>> list of directories that should be served by Apache, not Interchange.
>> Mine looks like this: 
>> <Location />
>>         SetHandler interchange-handler
>>         InterchangeServer
>>         DropRequestList /default.ida /x.ida /cmd.exe /root.exe
>>         OrdinaryFileList /images/ /interchange-5/ /js/ /classes/
>> </Location> 
>You probably know this already, but you can specify files, as well
>as directories, to the OrdinaryFileList directive.  One useful file
>is /robots.txt.  In theory I could make OrdinaryFileList use wildcards,
>such as *jpg or *gif etc., but I just didn't have the time when I
>added the facility.  Wildcards are overrated anyway. :-)

Thank you both so much. That is what I needed.


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