[ic] Error 500 on attempt to access Admin section

Andre Bunting andreb at techess.com
Mon Apr 12 17:47:39 EDT 2004

I have done what you have suggested, but I still get the same error when I
click on the Administration link.

I do have the gdbm installed..

I am running suse 9 with apache 2...


Any other ideas y I getting this error, since the customer part is working ?

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> Ok.. I installed it... the interchange server started up without any
> errors... but I still get this in the browser window :

Let's begin with some netiquette basics! DON'T TOP POST! Take some time and
answer below the post you are replying to. You will be ignored if you
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If the catalog is freshly installed, then delete all *.sdbm files (or
whatever). The files should be *.gdbm. Restart interchange.


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