[ic] HREF to missing special/violation in Foundation

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Wed Apr 14 00:12:47 EDT 2004

Interchange v5.1+


Both of the pages above each contain three:

[bounce href="[area special/violation arg_missing]"...

As some of you may recall, pages/special was removed several months
or so ago... so I believe one will get the 'missing' page, instead
(according to my tests, at least - I don't really run Foundation, so
take that into account).

If what I am seeing is true, then the easy work-around for regular
folks is to simply create the subdirectory pages/special, and then
copy special_pages/violation.html into it.

Of course, it's not ideal having two instances of violation.html (and
a hard link isn't maintained when rsyncing, etc., etc.) --  I am not
sure what the best solution is.

 From a core standpoint, it seems like it would possibly be handled in
Page::display_page() similar to the way 'missing' is found.

Perhaps [bounce] and violation.html could be replaced with something better.

Perhaps it should be integrated with the SpecialPage catalog stuff.  I 

Comments, anyone?

John Young

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