[ic] discount item if total >= 150

Jeannie Stevenson webteam at wes-state.com
Fri Apr 16 16:19:26 EDT 2004

hello listies

I'm having a problem getting the discount to display correctly in the cart.
I can get it discount but it seems to not want to evaluate the total and
then apply the discount if the evaluation is true.

in the basket cart component I've tried...
[discount ENTIRE_ORDER][/discount]
[set discountamt][/set]
[assign clear=1]
[tmp dis_dlr][subtotal noformat=1][/tmp]
[if scratch dis_dlr >= 140]
[seti discountamt][scratch dis_dlr] - 99 [/set]
[discount DLR] $s - $Scratch->{discountamt}[/discount]

And tried...

[discount ENTIRE_ORDER][/discount]
[if type=explicit compare="[calc][subtotal noformat=1] >= 140 [/calc]"]
[discount DLR] $s - 99 [/discount]

And tried...

[discount ENTIRE_ORDER][/discount]
[set discountamt][subtotal noformat=1][/set]
[if $scratch->{discountamt} >= 140]
[discount DLR]$s - 99[/discount]

It seems to not want to evaluate the subtotal

I'm using
RH 7.2
IC 5.01

Thanx N Adv


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