[ic] Custom ui_meta_view dropped in flex_select

Baytides Management Inc. info at baytides.ca
Sat Apr 17 16:35:12 EDT 2004

Hi all,
using IC 5.0.0
I've created a custom table view in the admin for the products table (as an example) 
(great feature btw!) - but when I check multiple items to edit in sequence, the custom 
view is dropped in favour of the default table view.
Anybody have any ideas how I could rectify that problem? It seems that changes are 
needed in flex_select.coretag maybe?

In addition I noticed that setting (select all/uncheck all) in the item_editor does not seem 
to apply? Shouldn't the item_slect view in item_editor correspond to item_select view in 
products table? Or I'm I asking too much?

It all seems to be connected somehow, just not sure how/where.

For example, instead of using the default 'item-select' view in the item-editor, I would like 
to use the 'custom_select' view I set up in the products table. It does not seem to make 
sense to set up the different views twice (once for item_editor and and again for 
flex_editor) since they apply to the same table????

Any help is appreciated.


Nora Heuer - webmaster/server admin.
Baytides Management Inc.

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