[ic] Creating a sub shop

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Mon Apr 26 18:43:55 EDT 2004

Paul Jordan wrote:

> If it were me I would just use the main products table and give it a switch
> field like for_shop where blank is main shop and 1, 2, 3... can be any number
> of custom areas of that shop.
> If the store has tabbed navigation, like amazon, maybe this vendor could have
> it's own tab, so it would be the "Prestigious Store". Depending on the product
> and the prices you are offering you could do a "too low to show" price like
> buy.com. I think amazon does this as well, where you would not find out the
> price until it is added to the cart.
> In short you have not presented any reason why you should go through the
> trouble of using an additional products table. KISS
> Components would be easy, just make your flypage based on 'for_shop' or
> somesuch identifier... I believe it is "PageSelectField  foo" for that. That is
> ofcourse if you not already doing that. That new flypage can pull in whatever
> components it wants.
> As for other customizations you could build a table to track what to pull in,
> what not to, or as I do very often, use the 'for_shop' field to append or
> prepend the pulling in of files... like  foo/bar/[scratch for_shop]submenu or
> whatever, as in an include, etc. This also has a side affect of defaulting to
> 'submenu' if for some reason for_shop is missing.
> There are really so many ways to do it. But I will say this, KISS, it always
> eventually ends up that way, so keep it simple now and save yourself some
> trouble. I cannot tell you how many times I have rebuilt a harebrained function
> into something simple and elegant.
> I have assumed that you are able to show their products next to other
> manufactures products in the cart/checkout.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I think you're probably right about keeping it in the main products 
table - maintainance would start to get messy otherwise.

The main reason I was considering a separate table was to reduce the 
amount of modification required to the rest of the store. However in 
hindsight it probably wouldn't have helped much, if at all.

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