[ic] [PATCH] add closing tag in send_contact_form.html

Christian Mueller christian.mueller1 at gmx.de
Mon Apr 26 14:03:01 EDT 2004

Hi there,

i found an unclosed [if] FOO [/if] in the file

and for those who build their store based on foundation demo ;-)

The customers message would never be processed that is transmitted via

Kind regards,


[I am not subscribed to this list. Cc: me if needed, thanks.]

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diff -Nru interchange-5.1.1-orig/dist/foundation/special_pages/send_contact_form.html interchange-5.1.1/dist/foundation/special_pages/send_contact_form.html
--- interchange-5.1.1-orig/dist/foundation/special_pages/send_contact_form.html	Thu Nov 27 00:21:59 2003
+++ interchange-5.1.1/dist/foundation/special_pages/send_contact_form.html	Mon Apr 26 18:08:48 2004
@@ -3,8 +3,9 @@
 from="[value name] <[value email]>"
 Subject="[L]Message from visitor to online store[/L]"
-[L]Name[/L]: [value name][if value phone]
-[L]Phone[/L]: [value phone]
+[L]Name[/L]: [value name]
+[if value phone][L]Phone[/L]: [value phone]
 [value message]

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