[ic] price tag no longer works with quantity arg.

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Tue Aug 17 18:33:15 EDT 2004


I have this in my results page:
[price code=[item-code] quantity=5]
This tag does not work anymore. It use to, and now it does not.
Quantity pricing DOES WORK however.

Here is a test page that I made:

Notice that all the quantity prices are the same! Its as if I am just 
using [price code=[item-code]]!  However, if you order 5 or more pounds, 
of any coffee, the price changes! So this means that quantity pricing IS 
working! its the "price tag" that is not.

What could this be, and how should I go about fixing this? There is 
nothing is the error log.


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