[ic] Interchange Tags in products table

Albert Hauck speiseplan_re_mooove_this_ at metabo.de
Mon Aug 23 11:40:33 EDT 2004

Hello, I would like to insert an Interchange Tag into my products table,
field comment of the foundation store:

...<a href="[area [item-code]]"><img src="/me/images/red_on.gif" width="12"
height="6" alt="" border="0">More info</a>...

But the tags are not interpolated in my output. I know that this worked for
the cat-table, some weeks ago (within the bar_link routine). But now the
"["-sign is replaced by the HTML-Code "&#91;" and no interpolation takes
place. Is there any method to avoid this character replacement?

Thank you, Albert.

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