[ic] people complaining about interchange...

frank frank at goldissue.com
Fri Feb 6 07:14:18 EST 2004

Stefan Hornburg wrote:

>You know that ICDEVGROUP is interested in patches and suggestions to
>adjust Interchange to the needs of e-commerce in the country of your
>	Racke

I have created a ups_query.tag which does a http lookup at Australia 
Post together with country.txt, shipping.asc, and extra variables like 
to select on the page ord/checkout. ie these all work together. It is an 
old checkout page. It is full of [if] statements and looks awful.

I have created a new table email.txt and a mysql database for it. I have 
a window to capture email addresses which I put into search_box_small. I 
learnt e-marketing from Ken Evoy. It is known that if you capture email 
addresses and send out mailings that sales multiply. I have written a 
bulk emailer in perl.

I have written a section in Order.pm which connects to the Camtech 
Merchant Server - our leading gateway of which I am a reseller - via the 
socket on localhost. They have tested it. It returns 99 codes which I 
have written into Order.pm. I also bypass this code for manual 
processing - which is what we are currently doing.

I have a suite of receipts in the etc directory which quote the ABN 
(Australian Business Number) number (from variable.txt) and also a 
[calc] on the receipt to let the customer know the GST (goods and 
services tax) component. In other words prices over here are inclusive 
of GST.

All of my pages have search engine metatags in the templates. On pages 
showing a search (eg results.html and cat.html which I have created to 
break down the search for huge databases) all the categories etc are 
automatically placed in the meta tag. Same on the flypage.

I suppose I should share the code seeing as you share yours :)

How do you wish to proceed?

Frank Reitzenstein

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