[ic] Bug in menu loader -- FIXED

Dr. Michael Streubel Michael.Streubel at palmwaregroup.com
Mon Feb 9 08:27:18 EST 2004


IC 5.0.0.

In the menu loader, it wasn't possible to use the "non-standard"
menu modes (tabs other than "Groups and Category Fields"),
in particular you couldn't create combined category fields
( the comb_category field of the products table was not used at all).

Reason: There is a bug in lib/UI/pages/admin/menu_editor.html in
lines 84 and 87: The CGI variable qmenu_use_comb_field isn't
set anywhere; menu_loader.html uses the variable qmenu_comb_field

Therefore: Changing variable name
qmenu_use_comb_field --> qmenu_comb_field
in menu_editor.html fixes the bug.


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