[ic] strange encoding behavior [ -> [

postmaster at aucoindujeu.com postmaster at aucoindujeu.com
Thu Feb 12 21:01:17 EST 2004

I'm setting up the wishlist features based on the already
existing Foundation saving cart feature. A long time ago
(1999) Mike Heins posted the following code :

With the power of Perl....

UserTag wish-list Order username
UserTag wish-list Routine <<EOR
sub {
	my($username) = @_;
	my $cart_string;
	package Vend::Interpolate;
	return 'No wish list'
		unless $cart_string = tag_data('userdb', 'carts', $username);
	my $safe = new Safe;
	my $ref = $safe->reval($cart_string);
	return "Bad cart save." if $@;
	return "Bad cart save." unless ref $ref;
	my $list = $ref->{wish_list};
	my $item;
	my $out = '';
	foreach $item (@$list) {
		$out .= "Code: $item->{code}<BR>";
		$out .= "Item: ";
		$out .= tag_data('products','description', $item->{code});
		$out .= "<P>";
	return 'Nothing in wish list.' unless $out;
	return $out;

Which is great but does't work for me if I'm not
reverting the strange encoding of [ to &#91; within
$cart_string with a the following line :

$cart_string =~ s/\&#91;/[/g;

I'm using Interchange v4.9.8, I wonder if I'm not
patching something not the correct way. any idea ?

Thanks in advance,


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