[ic] PGP_KEY editor

JW lst at jwweeks.com
Tue Feb 17 20:13:43 EST 2004

Let me say right away that I have limited experience with Interchange, so
please bear with me.  I noticed that this question has been asked once or
twice, but I wasn't able to find an answer in the archives.

When trying to edit "Admin > Preferences > PGP_KEY" I receive a server 500
error.  This only happens on catalogs that I have fresh installed since
upgrading to 5.0.  Older 4.7 catalogs don't seem to have this problem. Let
me state up front that it isn't a problem with the path to gpg, and gpg/pgp
encryption works fine.  I can hand edit "products/variable.txt:PGP_KEY" and
Apply changes with no problem.  The new key is then faithfully displayed in
the Admin screen and works with no problem.  However, I still can't just
click on the variable name and edit via the wizard.

This is the error log entry;  admin/flex_editor.html Runtime error: Can't
fork: No such file or directory at (tag 'page') line 12.

This would seem to be the problem "admin/flex_editor.html" code;
[tmp page_title]
                [loc][cgi page_title][/loc]
                [L]Table Edit[/L]: [cgi mv_data_table]
# Line 12 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction,

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