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Mon Feb 23 16:21:34 EST 2004

Dan McCullough wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I have a question dealing with a new project.  We have a customer who is
> going to be seeing a large upswing in visibility (featured on two national
> tv shows).  While we cant build the church for Easter, we are looking to
> move them off of their old outdated Perl cart to Interchange and move them
> from a shared server setup to a dedicated setup.  I have installed on a test
> box and after many, many module installs later its up and running.  I want
> to tune and strip the production machine down to get as much horsepower out
> of box and thus make the performance better and allow for more users to use
> the site.
>  For example:
> 2.1 Ghz Processor
> 1 GB Ram
> 60 GB HD
> Redhat 9.0 or Debain.
> Perl 5.6, although I have heard that you guys are drooling to see
> Interchange with Perl 5.8, or is that old information?
> Anything else, what should I take off the box if you consider this is a
> typical Redhat install.  Anything I should add or look for?
> Anyone have good or bad experience with hosts like hostway, serverbeach or
> valueweb?

If you are planning on using RedHat 9.0 something to consider is that 
its end of life is scheduled for end of April this year 

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