[ic] theme.cfg will not update...arghhh!

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Wed Feb 25 20:59:51 EST 2004

News [news1 at dsl.pipex.com] wrote:
> Are you saying it is more efficient to have the linkrel in the top html
> then? I have just set it so the linkrel is in theme.cfg although I am
> still waiting for it to update.
> The href is currently set to "/catalog/blue.css"
> I presume that same href would still work in the html without specifying
> the full path? 
Putting the CSS in a separate file and calling it from your HTML will
make your pages smaller and will therefore give Interchange slightly
less work to do.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but "/catalog/blue.css"
looks like a full path to me - with / being the DocumentRoot, as

If your changes to the theme.cfg file are not taking effect then
the most common cause of this can be traced to updating to the wrong
theme.cfg file.  The Foundation demo comes with several of these files,
and the correct one to edit depends upon the name of the template
you've decided to use.

If you're using the Foundation demo then check the value of your STYLE
variable and then make sure that you're making your changes to the
"templates/__STYLE__/theme.cfg" file, rather than to some other file.

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