[ic] Shipping soft goods with subtotal cost criteria

Chen Naor chen at lilux.co.il
Thu Jan 1 07:22:10 EST 2004


I have a catalog that use shipping calculation according to the total cost of the order.
It gives the customer a choice when the order is between 0-200, 201-800 is only fast shipping,
801 - over it free fast shipping.
Here is my shipping,asc:

fast    FAST_MAIL    [subtotal noformat=1]   0       0       e Nothing to ship!
{'ui_ship_type' => "_subtotal",'ups' => "0",'at_least' => "0",'PriceDivide' => "1",}
fast    FAST_MAIL    [subtotal noformat=1]   0       800     25              {'PriceDivide' =>
fast    FAST_MAIL    [subtotal noformat=1]   801     9999999 0               {'PriceDivide' =>
normal  MAIL       [subtotal noformat=1]   0       0       e Nothing to ship!
{'ui_ship_type' => "_subtotal",'ups' => "0",'at_least' => "0",'PriceDivide' => "1",}
normal  MAIL       [subtotal noformat=1]   0       200     10              {'PriceDivide' =>

I need to add soft goods, that have no shipping charge, the soft goods should have no effect on
the shipping calculation.
I saw some examples on do it with weight criteria & quantity criteria but this is a bit
Any idea or directions?


Chen Naor
Lilux Systems
mail: chen at lilux.co.il

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