[ic] date format question

k palazani at gmx.net
Tue Jan 13 07:51:04 EST 2004

Rene Hertell wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I tried to format the last_login field of the UI access table to a
>> MYSQL valid value:
>> [convert-date ymt="%d-%m-%Y"]
>>     [data table=access field=last_login key='[data session
>> username]'] [/convert-date]
> I think it should be fmt="%d-%m-%Y".

Yes, you are right, it should be fmt.

> If you change the format to this, you wont get the time when the user
> logged in. The default value (epoch) is better in my opinion. That
> value you can format later to any format you want..

Here you are right again, but the conversion fails. In the access table I
have values like:
and formatting it now with the correct (fmt) above code snippet (without
time, only for test now) gives a wrong result:
    something with the year 1070 !?

> Rene

Thanks, anyway

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