[ic] Matrix Options and Order Report/Mail Receipt

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Wed Jan 14 15:53:15 EST 2004

RUNNING: Interchange v 4.8.6

Hello IC Users,

I've read through all of the relevant posts I can find regarding this topic,
and none of them have a solution. One of my clients wishes to be able to keep
inventory data for different product variants (e.g. blue shirt in small,
medium, and large), so we've been setting up their products using Matrix
Options with separate widgets. Things seemed to be working fine until I got
around to placing some test orders and looked at the order report and receipt

As mentioned in previous posts to this list, the code that's in the item lists
for these files contains the following:

[if-item-data options o_enable][if-item-data !options o_modular][row 82]
    [column width=5 gutter=1 align=right][/column]
    [column width=12 gutter=1][/column]
    [column width=32 wrap=1 gutter=1]
      [filter op="tabbed decode_entities compress_space strip"]
        [item-options report=1]

(Above code slightly modified to prevent awkward line breaks in post.)

With Options set as they are in this catalog, what ends up in the report and
receipt e-mails is something like:

Qty. Item No.    Description                      Price Ea.     Unit Total
---- ----------- -------------------------------- ------------- --------------
  1   TEST-L      Test Item                              $5.00           $5.00
                 <input TYPE="hidden"
Obviously, I don't want the <input> tag in there. It looks like the report=1
attribute in the [item-options] tag is effective in removing all HTML if
Simple Options are set, but if Matrix Options are used then the hidden input
for the associated sku is left in. Is there perhaps some updated code for
Interpolate.pm that will take care of this, or some other solution?

(We are in the process of building a new server which will be using IC5, but
for now upgrading IC is not an option. If there's any fix for this under IC
4.8.6, I'd greatly appreciate being pointed to it.)


Thomas J.M. Burton
Design & Production Director
Global Focus Digital Media, LLC
[541] 342.5717

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