[ic] index.html

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Jan 19 18:49:21 EST 2004

Scott Martin wrote:
> Hi List
> Updated to IC5 on debian. Perl 5.8.2
> Trying to create store using foundation store. After making changes for 
> introduction on index.html (html changes) Click ok, publish, then apply 
> changes. Everything seems ok, but they do not show up. Tried this on live 
> demo online and same thing happens. I am sure I'm missing something but am 
> lost?
> The changes show up  when you use the preview burtton

I ran across the same exact thing just yesterday.  Found out that the L 
tag somehow overrides the changes made and shows the original text.  I 
made my changes work by deleting the surrounding L tag from the text.

I searched the docs for what the L tag does and couldn't find anything. 
  Can anyone comment on what that tag is supposed to do, and if there's 
a more proper way to make the changes show up?


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