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Ed LaFrance edl at newmediaems.com
Tue Jan 20 19:36:23 EST 2004

At 05:40 PM 1/20/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>I have installed the interchange catalog and have a question.  When I select
>the category of Paintbrushes for instance, I get a page that has a selection
>of paintbrushes, price and a buy now button.  If there are several variants
>of the brush, these are not visible or displayed if the person buys from that
>buy now link. When the  the item is selected and a second page is displayed
>with the variants.  How do I display the variants on the first page, or have
>the first page be a linking page, without the buy selector, and have the
>second page as the page with the information and variants and the buy now.
>I think there was a linking page in tallyman that did not show the buy not
>I hope this makes sense.
>Thanks Hal

Adding support for options/variants selection on the search results page 
while supporting the 'Buy List' functionality would be hairy. Your second 
idea of disabling the ability to buy from the results list would just be a 
matter of commenting out select parts of that page content and perhaps 
adding a more obvious 'More info' text or image, surrounded with [page 

You might want to check some of the alternate results* components, as such 
a thing might have already been done, at least in part.

- Ed

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